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American Speech & Hearing Association — the licensing and governing body for accredited Speech-language Pathologists 

What it means to have an SLP with “CCC”s — the importance of seeing an SLP who is fully accredited by ASHA and maintains their CCC or “certificate of clinical competence”

Find your child’s current age range. If your little one is not demonstrating the skills listed, or if you feel otherwise concerned about your child’s development, contact Jennifer for a free consultation.

  • reacts to speech from others and noises around the child
  • startles to loud sounds
  • recognizes and reacts to a primary caregiver’s voice
  • smiles or quiets when spoken to by another person
  • moves eyes in direction of sounds
  • reacts differently to angry and friendly voices
  • reacts to changes in tone of voice
  • attends to music and toys that make sounds
  • listens to a speaker and watches a speaker’s face when spoken to
  • responds to a sound when the source is not visible to them
  • responds physically (e.g., moves arms or legs) in reaction to music
  • stops an activity when their name is called
  • recognizes common words for common items they see/use daily
  • begins to respond to simple requests, such as “sit here”
  • 2-6 words other than “mama” and “dada”
  • follows one-step directions with help and direction from the caregiver
  • understands simple questions, such as “where’s daddy?”
  • points to named pictures in books
  • follows directions to find two familiar objects (shoes and socks)
  • listens to simple stories
  • 15 months of age says about 10 words
  • 18 months of age says about 50 words
  • 24 months of age says about 200-300 words
  • to commands involving body parts such as “show me your foot”
  • follows 2 step commands such as “get your shoes and bring them to me”
  • follows directions with 2 parts of information as in, “give me the red ball”, “walk slowly”,
  • demonstrates understanding of several action words by pointing to pictures in stories representing them such as ” points to a person swinging in a book”
  • recognizes family labels such as baby, grandpa, etc…
  • 30 months says about 450 words
  • 36 months says about 1000 words
  • Speech should be understood 75-90% of the time
  • speech sounds included nearly all of the sounds
  • mastery of sounds for /F, V, Y, S, SH, CH, J /


How does your child let you know if they want or need something?


What does your child do when you ask them to follow simple directions during play?


What kind of activities hold their attention the longest / what do they enjoy most?

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